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Active Ingredients

Benefits of Actives in our Skin Lightening Facial Series…


Bearberry Extract:

Bearberry Extract is an astringent extracted from the leaves of the Bearberry plant. It assists with the exfoliation of the skin and has dramatic skin-lighting effects. Bearberry Extract reduces the appearance of pigmentation, Creates exceptional peeling action. Ideal for acne, pigmentation, uneven texture and wrinkles.
One of the little known secrets to bearberry is the hypopigmenting component. This component has a whitening effect on the skin, making bearberry perfect for those want to treat freckles, age spots, or vitiligo.
Used alone, bearberry can dramatically change the tone and color of the skin. Because of the powerful whitening effects, bearberry is ombined with other ingredients to have a subtle effect on the skin. This way, the bearberry will be mild enough to lighten problem areas.Used regularly, bearberry can remove the most stubborn pigmented areas of the skin.


Arbutin is the natural alternative to hydroquinone, present in the leaves of the bearberry. Arbutin is now the hottest whitening ingredient in Japan. It provides whitening, anti-aging and UVB and UVC filters, among other benefits. Arbutin protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals. Arbutin inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity.
Arbutin is a very safe skin agent for external use which does not have toxicity, stimulation, unpleasant odor or side effect such as Hydroqinone.The encapsulation of Arbutin constitute a delivery system to potentialize the effect in time. It is a way to incorporate the hydrophilic Arbutin in lipophilic media. Arbutin give three main properties: Whitening effects, anti- age effect and UVB / UVC filter.


Lactic Acid:

Rich with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and reputed to promote smooth, fresh looking skin, lactic acid is  added in our Products.


Several benefits for use as:

. Skin mildness improvement agent
. Enzyme stabilizer (protease)
. Buffering
. Moisturizer

Vitamin B Complex:

The Vitamin B Complex vitamins are a group of compounds similar in structure, which is why they are referred to as a complex. The B grouping of vitamins provides a number of benefits including healthy skin, bones, muscles, and hair; relief of neurological symptoms such as moodiness, irritability or stress, fatigue, and restlessness; and relief from skin issues such as dry or itchy skin.


Certified Organic Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is beneficial for burns, blisters, frostbite, allergic reactions and insect bites. Products that contain aloe vera contain high concentration of curative agent which is useful for the skin.Aloe Vera is useful to treat cracks and beneficial for dry skin. All products of aloe vera are utilized as an area of skin cure contingent and maintain the healthy skin. People who have dry skin utilize aloe vera oil for making the skin shiny and normal. It is the best skin moisturizer that keeps the skin flexible by providing oxygen to the skin cells which in order improves the synthesis and strength of skin’s tissue.

It makes the skin glowing and smooth. Aloe vera products are very famous amongst the consumers because of the moisturizing qualities which are good for the skin diseases or skin. Aloe vera is utilized to treat many skin diseases such as burns, inflammations, eczema, wounds, psoriasis etc. It is beneficial to remove dead skin cells. It has the capability for efficient diffusion and transporting healthy substances through the skin. Aloe vera is beneficial to prevent the aging of the skin. It decreases the intensity of pigmentation and lightens dark spots on the face. Aloe vera increases the capability of the skin in order that it can hydrate itself.

It is useful for the cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle creams, skin conditioners, make up, lipsticks, makeup and facial masks. Aloe vera gel is beneficial to improve the skin lesions. Therefore, aloe vera offers many benefits not only to the surface of the skin but other advantages such as treatment of many skin disorders.

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